Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am so done with Magic Potties.

Right around the time Kendall began potty training, automatic flushing toilets burst onto the scene. Now I'm sure they were around long before that but about 2005 was when they started getting popular in the Midwest and it seemed half the places you went had them. Now almost everywhere you go has them and I hate them! What seems like a good idea (I don't want to touch the disgusting handle either) has turned into a nightmare for me and my kids. Here are some reasons I hate what my kids call "magic potties"

1. They scare Kendall to death. To this day I have to stand behind her while she's on the potty and cover my hand over the sensor. It doesn't sound too bad until you do it while holding a baby in your arms and a 2 year old at bay with your foot.

2. They scared Kendall so bad in the beginning that she would scream when I would put her on one and everyone in approximately half a mile of the bathroom could here a child in a locked stall screaming "No, don't hurt me! Don't hurt me!"

3. They flush unexpectedly.

4. Or, they don't flush at all and I spend 5 minutes jumping up and down in the stall trying to get the censor to activate while women waiting wonder if I would please come out of the stall to dance and quit wasting their time.

5. They flush so loudly and quickly that it makes you want to jump straight up off of it and you feel like it is dismissing you from the stall whether you are done with your business or not.

6. It saves no water because it flushes five times while I'm trying to get toilet paper around the rim so my kid can sit on it.

So I ask that you join me in my passion against magic potties. Just learn to flush the dang toilet with your foot.

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