Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Year of the Dog

If you have ever had a toddler in your care for a large part of the day you will be familiar with the dog phase. The phase in a child's life when they decide they are an animal, usually a dog. Kendall went through this phase and Grace seems to be starting it. If the past is truly a predictor of the future then here are some things I will be expecting from Grace in the next few months.

1. Playing fetch
2. Barking and panting.
3. Crawling on all fours.
4. Yapping while jumping up.
5. Wanting to lick the milk out of the cereal bowl and trying to eat without utensils.
6. Tilting her head in a cute puppy way when I try to tell her she's been naughty.
7. Losing all sense of speech when I ask her to do something undesirable.
8. Licking my legs and wanting me to roll down the car window so she can stick her head out.

Sigh....can someone get me a toddler sized crate please?

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