Saturday, June 28, 2008

Do we have to grow up?

A few years ago Byron and I would have taken a beautiful weekend like this and headed up to the Des Moines Arts Festival or at least took the afternoon to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Now we're trying to be grownups though. So we drug ourselves into town to take advantage of the local hardware store's big sale on shrubs and plants. We picked out shrubs, loaded them up, and brought them home and planted them. That's right, just like grownups would. I guess we still got to enjoy the sunshine. Plus my dad will now have something to look at in the yard when he comes to visit. This shub's for you dad!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seperated at birth?

I snapped a picture of Madison during bath time tonight and she reminded me of a certain little evil clone. Could she be the next "mini-me"? Only time will tell. If she wants to be in show business she's going to have to work on that gut.

Kendall's off to the Olympics!!

Kendall had her first gymnastics class on Monday night. She was so nervous. We had watched the Olympic trials on TV the night before and she was worried that the teacher was going to ask her to do the gymnastics they were showing on TV. However, by the next morning she was ready to go. When we arrived at the class Kendall jumped right in. They jumped on the trampoline and learned a routine. She also made a new friend named Bailey who was wearing the same leotard as her. She had a great time and was already asking me when we can go back. We have 5 more classes to go.

Welcome to the Family!

This is the blog for the Hall family. We have so many friends and family spread all across the country that we decided to start a blog to share family news and events. We hope you enjoy it!