Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Dance of the School Supplies

Let me start by saying I'm sorry. Really, I had no idea. I didn't know that when I made school supply lists as a teacher that I was accidentally driving parents insane. I tried to make them easy but looking back I see that I was too demanding. I promise that I have learned first hand from my mistakes through my own child's school supply list. Who would think that this would be so hard? It's only crayons, folders, pencils, etc. Yet there I was sweating it out in the Walmart school supply isles. Elbowing up against other moms trying to get the last red folder with no prongs and bottom pockets. Hovering on the bottom of the shelf looking for pink erasers and yellow #2 pencils. Finding WASHABLE crayola markers (not the regular kind, heavens no). Finding 16 pack crayons even though the 24 pack are $.25 and in abundance while the 16 pack are $1.16 and way in the back of the store. Then there's the odd ball stuff that you tromp all over the store to get. Clorox wipes, sandwich baggies, large bottles of Jim Beam (okay maybe I made that last one up). How am I suppose to do this for 3 kids when I can barely manage for one? Every year they send out a little survey that says "Would you be willing to pay $1-2 extra to have all your child's school supplies purchased and waiting for your child at school?" Every time I check yes. So I want to know where is it??? What psycho mother is not checking the yes box? If you don't start checking yes then you better pray I don't find you in the Walmart school supply isle.


Sandy said...

I have 4 children and school supply shopping always amazes me. One year, I kid you not, there was toilet paper on the list!

Momma Such said...

Ha ha! I SO know the feeling! I'm Mommy to 4 boys. However, this year I will be buying supplies for 2. It stinks especially when they ask you to buy a certain brand of things. I'm following you from MBC! :)

Mom's Little Nook said...

You are a riot...instead of Jim Beam, I would be heading for the Southern Comfort for a tasty old fashioned.