Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit!

 I updated my homeschool blog!

Happy Birthday Kendall!!!

Sometimes I can't believe my little baby is growing into a mature young lady.  Oh, I know she has a long way to go.  There is plenty of room to grow and learn.  I hope I always remember her 8th birthday.  Not for the presents or the party, but for the giving.  Kendall's birthday was on a Thursday this year, but her Nana and Gramps wanted to come down and celebrate with her too.  I told them to come on the weekend but forgot that Kendall and I had volunteered to work at a community outreach at the church that same day.  When I realized my goof I told Kendall she could stay home on Saturday and hang out with Nana and Gramps.  Her response was "No way.  I made a commitment (yes she actually said commitment) to those kids and they need their school supplies.  Who will pass out hot dogs if I don't go?"  She went and passed out hot dogs, drinks, and bused tables.  She didn't last quite the 4 hours, but she was the youngest kid there and she held her own.  I'm so thankful to God to have a child with a heart for service.