Friday, July 17, 2009

How's Madaliene?

Kendall has been spending a few days with my parents in Owensboro. Every time I call to check on her she has the same question. How's Madaliene? Madaliene is the hamster. More specifically, Kendall's hamster. I knew she enjoyed Madaliene's company but this time apart from her furry friend is obviously having an effect on her because she talks about her all the time! Plus, how many ways can I answer the question "How's Madaliene?" She's fine, she's good, she misses you. Why can I say? That I only check on her when I drag the kids downstairs to play and even then I only remember to do it half of those times. That I finally got around to putting her in her exercise ball yesterday only to forget about her and find her asleep in the foyer 3 hours later? That we listen to her running on her wheel downstairs at night until one of us gets up to shut the basement door claiming "I can't stand to listen to that dumb wheel one more minute"? Nope, can say that stuff. So I will smile and sing Madaliene's praises when we talk and hope that Madaliene doesn't rat me out when Kendall gets home.

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