Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 Things I Thought about at 5:15am.

Maddie has been gracing us with her morning talk at about 5:30 every morning for the past week. As I laid in bed and listened to her through the monitor I thought of only things people think about so early in the morning.

1. Why do we use a monitor?
2. Room darkening blinds and drapes are a sham.
3. I know that Byron is awake because he's not doing his sleep breathing.
4. Maybe if I lay here and do sleep breathing he will get up and check on Maddie.
5. I need to practice my sleep breathing because Byron just informed me "Your daughter's awake.". Duh.
6. I am not getting out of this bed until 6 o'clock. No matter what.
7. I need to pee.
8. Okay, I'm getting up to pee but then getting right back in bed.
9. Well, I'm already up out of bed. Isn't getting up once a day punishment enough?
10. I'm going to get Maddie up for the day.

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