Sunday, November 30, 2008

The First Snow

Ahhh..the first real snow of the year. It causes my kids to shout "Snow, snow!!!!" It makes Byron and I shout it too, but in not such a positive manner. I'll be honest, I do not care for snow. I would as soon just move to Arizona for the winter with all the old people. The kids love it and it is Grace's first winter where she can really get out and enjoy it. So here are pics of our first snow. If you look closely you can see where Grace's thumbs are always pointing the wrong way. Mittens on a two year old never work out.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Thanksgiving Story according to Kendall

There were these pilgrims and they lived with a king who was very mean. They wanted to get on a boat and go away. Everyone told them not to do it but they did it anyway. It was hard on the boat and there were lots of storms. Some people got sick and died. The ones who didn't die had to drink yucky water and bread with worms in it. They ate that everyday for breakfast. Then they went to Africa. In Africa there was good water and they drank that. Then they got back on the boat. They went somewhere else and met a man there that lived in the woods. The man was wearing his bathing suit. The man learned to speak English which is what pilgrims speak. The man taught the pilgrims stuff and the pilgrims taught the man stuff. I don't remember what happened next but I think it had something to do with a deer. The end.

Friday, November 21, 2008

What's the deal with hands?

There is something terribly wrong with my hands. I can pull and push around the skin on the back of them. It's loose!! I bet I can pinch a good inch of skin on the back of my hand and not even wince. What's up with that? First I thought I hadn't noticed it before. Wrong! After checking the hands of people younger than me, I noticed they don't have this problem. However, people older than me do have this problem. It seems the older you are the more skin you have back there. It's like rings on a tree. First my nails don't grow like they used to and now this! Unbelievable!! Then Byron and I went to see a movie about a week ago. After the movie when I stood up, I noticed my legs were a little stiff from sitting still so long. What is that about? I guess I better get off here and go sign up for a good nursing home. If Ed McMahon sends me an offer for insurance I am done!

Warning!!! A clear thought is coming followed by adult conversation.

So if you are currently changing a diaper or playing peek-a-boo you might want to come back later. I just finished the best little book and I had to recommend it to everyone. It's called "Assaulted by Joy" by Stephen Simpson. It is the journey of a Christian who battles with the sarcasm and cynicism that so many of us live with in our every day life. This is NOT a feel good lovey dovey God will solve all your problems if you just pray and go to church and try to be good. This is a real life journey with mistakes, screw-ups, blessings, disappointments and well: joy. If you want to borrow my copy, you are welcome to it. I think we can sometimes get a little down in the mouth during the holidays and this book really lifted my spirits. Okay, that is my adult conversation on this board. Check back for another one is maybe 3-6 months when I get around to finishing another book. If I think I don't have time, the author of this book has 3 year old quads!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another baby at the Hall house?

Yes it's true. There is officially another baby at the Hall house. Luckily, this one is Grace's baby. Grace spent the week with my parents and got an early birthday present. A baby that has a potty and "wets" in it when you give her a bottle. These dolls are super cute for the kids BUT the last thing I need around here is to change fake diapers on fake babies. Not only do I have two kids who have real dirty diapers now I have a fake kid who can produce a real dirty diaper. This tops the gift they got Grace for Christmas last year. A toy that shoots plastic balls up in the air that scatter all over the room. Sounds fun except at the time Grace wasn't walking. Guess who got to retrieve the balls? Yup, the same one who will be changing the dirty diapers on this fake baby, ME!! Mom and Dad, I know you're reading this and don't worry, I'll be sending all these toys with the kids when they come visit so you can enjoy them too.
Amendment: After posting this, I received a phone call from mother informing me that she/dad did not show Grace how the baby really works and had never filled the baby's bottle with water so if we want to show Grace how to use it that is on us. Sorry Mom and Dad. I will ground myself for the weekend and take my ipod away from myself.