Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm breaking down mom barriers.

Before I even start this post I want to acknowledge that Byron did not want me to post this story; probably for fear it would make me sound like I had lost it a little. He said if I must post it then at least remind people that we are in the country and there is no one to see our comings and goings while we are outside. So you have been informed and now on with the story.

I am always looking for ways to cut corners without cutting quality. Isn't everyone? Last night I was TIRED and the day wasn't near over. Byron was still at work and the rest of us we're having dinner on the deck. I fixed mashed potatoes which Maddie not only ate but also decided to use as a body scrub and hair conditioner. She was covered and Grace wasn't far behind her. As I sat and looked at my mashed potato glazed babies I remembered something Kendall had said just a few hours before. She had been complaining she didn't want to play in the baby pool I had set up on the deck because the water was as warm as bath water. Hmmm...I looked over at the baby pool. I looked back at mashed potato Maddie. Pool..Maddie..Pool..Maddie. Well it didn't take a genius to know the easy way out of this situation. I went back into the house and brought out towels and baby soap. I striped down those kids right there in front of God and anyone else who was looking on and plopped them right down into that baby pool. There were little soapy bottoms everywhere and they had a great time doing it. I bathed them, wrapped them up and sat them in patio chairs while I cleaned the table by spraying it with the hose. I think I just might put two big tubs out there for laundry and dishes and we may never enter the house again. Think of all the time I'll save on cleaning the house if we only sleep in it.

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