Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Sin of the Selective Prayer

I was with Maddie tonight saying her bedtime prayers.  She usually likes to bless everyone and I often prompt her on who to bless next.  Here's how our conversation went.

Maddie:  "God bless Kendall"

Me:  "Daddy"

Maddie:  "God bless Daddy"

Me:  "Nana"

Maddie: "God bless Nana"

Me:  "Gramps"

Maddie "No!!"

Me:  "God bless Gramps Maddie"

Maddie "No way Jose!" (with a big sneaky grin)

Me:  "God bless Chloe"

Maddie:  "God bless Chloe"

Sorry Gramps.  You've always been blessed before but the dog pulled rank on you tonight.  Ouch!!

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