Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our New Addition....Chloe

I have been promising the girls we will get a dog for about least a year.  Like any good mother I have come up with a hundred excuses to not get a dog.  My final (and best) holdout was that I didn't want to get a dog and then uproot the dog to move to KY.  That excuse went out the window a couple months ago.  Then I read this super sad article about how shelters are so full they are putting down more dogs than usual.  Well that was so stinking sad to hear.  Then I see there is a little dachshund mix at the local shelter that only had a few days left before being put down.  Now I would say I am not one to make decisions on emotion.  But this little doggie was the sweetest thing to cross my path in a while.  I talked to the volunteers about her temperament and she seemed like a good fit for us.  We've had her a couple of weeks and she is well loved by everyone.  She's almost housebroken already and does a good job of minding.  The only problem is the kids keep her awake all day playing and she's exhausted by the time they go to bed.  Good for me though because she's slept through the night since day one.  I never had that much luck when I brought my kids home!

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