Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bedtime at the Hall House

 Kendall just walked in here, mumbled something incoherent, laid down on my bed and promptly went back to sleep.  I went back to putting away clothes and within a few minutes she woke up.  I said I'd walk her back to bed and she climbed up to the top bunk and cuddled up.  Kendall is an avid sleepwalker.  It's no surprise.  My great grandfather and uncle sleepwalk.  Plus Byron and his dad sleep-talk.  In fact Byron will shout and laugh so loud in his sleep that it's all I can do to not jump up and hit the ceiling.  The funny thing is her sleepwalking consistency.  She always sleepwalks 45 minutes to an hour after she goes to bed.  I can never understand what she says when she gets up.  She always spends a minute or two staring at us then either lays down on our bed or goes back to her own.  She never remembers it in the morning, ever.  If the other two start sleepwalking too, it's going to start being some busy nights around here.

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