Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Trip to the Explorium

Byron had some minor surgery earlier in the week.  His parents came down to care for the kiddos while I tended to Byron for a day.  The took the little Maddie booger back with them for a few days to lighten my load while I finished up school for the week and helped Byron.  The older ones and I headed out to the children's museum this morning and we had the best time.  I forget how quickly they are growing up!  We did the whole museum and ate lunch without a single meltdown.  I didn't even take a diaper bag, drinks, or snacks with me!  No stroller, no one needed to be carried, and we took the steps and not the elevator.  This was a big mommy moment for me.  My brain is spinning with the things we will be able to do in 6-12 months.  Can't wait!

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