Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Labor of Love (and Stupidity)

I said a few days ago on the blog that Madison was staying a few days with my in-laws.  It was supposed to be a really simple thing of them putting Maddie in their car and driving away.  Then I would drive up half-way in a few days to pick her up.  Well I guess my brain is finally dissolving away because it turned out to be quite the chore on both ends.  First I packed her bag and forgot to send her hairbrush, house shoes, doll, potty seat, gloves, and hat.  (In my defense, I did not know we were in store for ANOTHER freak snow over the weekend.)  Then my in-laws drove off and left their coat, a shirt, a vest, a pair of pajamas, and Madison's blanket.  I discovered the blanket (which Maddie could not do without) a few minutes after they left but I couldn't find my father in law's cell phone number!  I go tearing upstairs to my bedridden husband to tell him to get his dad on the phone now!  So they had to come back to get the blanket after probably getting all the way to edge of town.  Then when I go to pick her up no one noticed that Maddie's suitcase didn't get moved over to the van.  So we both had to turn around and meet up again to get the bag.  Then I get home and my mother in law has emailed to say she found some of Maddie's clothes in the washing machine when she got home.  Ha!!  All this, and DHS still hasn't come to take the kids away.  I don't think I'll be winning mother of the year or daughter in law of the year anytime soon.

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