Thursday, August 13, 2009

Texas Hold Em....Mommy Style

I've been putting on my poker face a lot lately with my oldest. She has been increasingly showing independence by informing me what she is NOT going to do. So when all the girls woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning I was not surprised to hear Kendall inform me that she was not going to eat breakfast. Then she was not going outside to play with the rest of us. She was not going to brush her teeth, etc. My response to these is usually, "That's your choice. It's not the choice I would make because I would (fill in the blank here). You'll need to live with the consequences of that." In my head I'm thinking, "Fine. Go hungry, get bored, and get cavities." But that's not what I say (usually). By lunch time I had about enough of listening to the complaining, whining, and crying. I announced that we were going to town for lunch to get out of this funk everyone was in. Guess who informed me they were not going? It went something like this.

Me: "Get your shoes on. We're going into town."
K: "I'm not going to town. I'm staying here."
Me: I'll meet you in the van. Don't forget to shut the door on your way out."

I then scoop up the babies and head out the door. I hear Kendall shut the door behind me but when I turn around I realize she's still in the house. Groan. I put the babies in the van and get in the driver's seat to start it up. As soon as I turn the engine over Kendall comes flying out of the house with a look of panic on her face. "Good," I thought. "Let her think I might leave without her." I was driving maybe two minutes when a magic marker came flying up to the front of the van. I cannot believe that child just threw something in the van. I put on the brakes right in the middle of the road and everything is dead quiet. I know every one's eyes are on the back of my head. What's mom gonna do? I've certainly got some choices. I could:

A) Give a lecture about the dangers of throwing things at the driver
B) Drag Kendall out and give her a good spanking
C) Confiscate the markers

I didn't even turn around. I just reached down, picked up the marker, rolled down my window, and tossed it out into the road. Four pairs of eyes watched a marker fly through the air, hit the side of the road, and roll into the ditch. I rolled up the window and just sat there for a few seconds. I felt like I should make a statement after throwing something out the window. Finally I said, "Anything that gets thrown up here will get thrown out my window." Then I put the van in drive and went on. It was stone silence all the way to town; which was nice. That was a few hours ago and nothing has been said about the marker which only means one thing; I won that hand of poker.

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DM said...

That is AWESOME (your marker throwing)! And I have to share something a friend of mine suggested on FB just the other day . . .

"someone should open a chain of roadside stands where mothers could stop...insert money...step inside...and scream and punch things for one minute. then it could dispense chocolate and you'd step out. that's a million dollar idea right there."