Thursday, August 27, 2009

Powdered feet

A couple of days ago I was in my laundry room when I saw two toddlers walk through the hallway together. Immediately my radar was up because they were not hitting, poking, or fighting with each other. Any good mother knows that the when sisters work together it is probably because they're in trouble together. I stuck my head out of the laundry room and saw tiny faint outlines of baby feet traced in white on my carpet. As I followed the feet I noticed they were becoming more defined as I reached the kitchen. When I reached the kitchen I realized where the footprints had originated. There was some sort of white powder all over the kitchen floor. It was pretty obvious that little hands and feet had been playing in it. I couldn't figure out what it was or where it came from. I knew it wasn't a cleaner. It wasn't sugar, flour, or powdered sugar. There were no obvious containers around. I finally had to take the plunge and stick my finger in it to taste it. Lemon flavor. Hmmm....what is white powdered that tastes like lemon? I couldn't figure it out. I crawled around the kitchen on baby level looking for something that would give me a clue. I absently opened the cabinet and there stood the evidence. An open box of lemon pudding. Those little stinkers dumped out the pudding and then tried to ditch the evidence. On the plus, the house and carpet still smell lemon fresh after the clean up. I would not recommend it as a carpet deodorizer though.

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Janie said...

How funny! Lemon footprints! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I'm so glad you love teachers. We love to be loved!