Monday, August 31, 2009


That's right. Stay at least 50 yards away from me. I have some kind of terrible disease that is trying to eat me alive. Well, actually no. I like to pretend that I can diagnose myself. I actually developed a severe case of poison ivy on my face. I blame Byron (although he won't take the blame). I helped him outside in some tall weeds last weekend and I guess I must have caught it then. I had just spent a couple of days before that bragging to him that I had never had poison ivy in my life and I am one of the lucky few that is immune. Two days later my ears started itching and before I knew it my face was red, itchy, and my eye was swelling shut. Eeewwwww!! After the flesh eating bacteria (see, I'm still not convinced it's just poison ivy) theatened my eye sight I decided to head out to the doctor. She put me on an oral steroid which Byron has not stopped making jokes about since. She said I might be irritable, jumpy, sleepless, and have an increased appetite. I'm not exactly sure how I tell the juiced-up Alicia from the regular Alicia. I am happy to report that my swelling has gone down and I am starting to resemble the beautiful stunning woman I was a few days ago. The hardesst part? Not letting the kids touch my face. I didn't realize how much snuggly, kissy, smouchy face stuff goes on around this joint until I declared my face off limits. No wonder my make-up never stays where I put it!


Sheila Rae said...

Hi, Thanks for following me.. and being my 100 follower :) Yeah.

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Anonymous said...

I'm ANGRY,,,,sure,,,she gets poison ivy in a "contract year",,,,now she's blasting home runs left and right....

Sorry, little baseball humor from the hubby, and I notice she left out the part where I've been itching and scratching like a mad mad,,,,but then again, I'm a guy, so what's diff???