Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of First Grade

Whoever said life never ceases to amaze must have had children. All week Kendall has been nervous about starting first grade. Everything changed when we went to meet the teacher night. She was so excited to see her school, her friends, and her room that all that nervousness went out the door. She hasn't had any anxiety about first grade since. She hopped on the bus this morning like it was any other day. Then they pulled away and I sat on the front porch and cried for 10 minutes. I know, I know! I thought I was going to make it but then Grace called out "Bye, bye Tootie! (that's what she calls Kendall) I wuv you!" Come on! What mom wouldn't cry at those sweet little words?


Nanny Dee said...

Hi Alicia -- stopping by and following from MBC's under 100 group!

First of all, I just love the beautiful header of your 3 girls that greeted me when I arrived at your blog!

First day of first grade is a big milestone! Most moms will definitely understand the emotions that well up on that day -- I know I cried!

Dee :D

Alicia said...

Oh my cute!! I would be crying too!!

natalee said...

my christopher is also starting first grade.. aren't you like where did the time go????

Cindy said...

Too cute! They grow up to fast. Following you from MBC!