Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life is a Sticom

One of my favorite sitcom shows was "Everybody Loves Raymond". People can always come together over problems with spouses, in-laws, and just life in general. We are living out an episode of that show at the Hall house. Remember the episode when Debra left the suitcase at the bottom of the stairs and her and Ray began an unspoken battle of who would put it away? There is currently two suitcases sitting on our bedroom floor that have been waiting to be put in the top of the closet for 4 days. It is obvious to me that Byron should be the one to lift up awkward heavy things and put them away. Nothing of this sort is obvious to him. I don't post this to call out Byron personally. I would never do that. It's ALL men. Byron is no different than every male on the planet. Men just don't notice ANYTHING!! I will get up to go to the bathroom and on the way pick up/put away/throw out 20 things that I come across on the way to and from the bathroom. When a man gets up to go to the bathroom; he just goes to the bathroom. He doesn't see the dirty dish, the toy on the floor, or the junk mail that needs to go in the trash. I also notice a kid who is hurt, tired, thirsty, uncomfortable or needs assistance before the tell me what's going on. However, the girls will say "Daddy" 20 times before Byron says "Huh?" Like I said, it's not his fault. It's the way men are made. When I complain to Byron that he's not proactive enough his response is that I never give him a chance. I always jump in and do it before he can blink. He's probably right. It's my nature. I'm a worker bee. He comes up with the ideas and I put them into action. But this time I'm giving him a chance. Who will break first? Will Byron notice the suitcases and take initiative to put them away? (or read this blog post?) or will I give in and put them away myself to feed my need for organization? Who knows? Maybe they will just sit there until we go somewhere again. I'll keep you blogposted.


Jennifer Handsaker said...

That is one of my favorite episodes ever!!!!!

Zelna said...

great blog