Saturday, October 30, 2010

Double Dipping

We went out to my in-laws for a few days this week to hang out and trick or treat.  I thought I was being really smart by heading to Ashland for trick or treating (which was Thur in Ashland) because I thought I would miss trick or treat here on Friday.  Wrong!  Trick or treat in Lexington is on Sunday (I know, I know, I'm surprised too.) which means that I have two choices.  I can A) make the kids stay in the house while I answer the door and hand out candy, or B) let them go again.  I guess I could C) turn off the lights and not answer the door but that seems so wrong; especially since my kids have already been once this year.  So I guess we'll go again.  Maddie is actually spending a couple of days in Ashland with Nana and Gramps so the big girls are excited about covering some major ground on Sunday night.  I, however, am making sure I have enough freezer bags to bag up all this candy coming into my house.  We'll be eating Halloween candy until Easter.

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