Friday, October 15, 2010


I wasn't in Kentucky for 2 hours before I had my first Ale-8-One.  Some of you just went "huh?"  Ale-8-One is a soft drink made and sold in KY and usually only in KY.  Some of it might find it's way into TN on another neighboring state, but it's home belongs right here.  Ale-8-One or "a late one" is bottled in Winchester, KY (I didn't know that, I had to look it up.) and it is so yummy.  It tastes like a mix of ginger ale and mountain dew.  It comes in cans but it usually still sold in a bottle.  I love to drink one and drop salted peanuts into the bottom of the bottle.  Then you can suck the peanuts out of the bottle after they've soaked up all that soda goodness.  It turns out they even have a website with recipes on it!  Guess what will be heavily featured in the Hall menu the next couple of weeks?

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