Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A True Southern Lady

We've been in Lexington about 2 weeks now and we're finally showing signs of settling into a routine.  The kids and I made it through one day (and yes, it was just one day) last week without anyone losing control and having a meltdown, including myself.  This is a rarity at any time, but especially after moving into a new environment.  I had a little rite of passage this weekend because I went down to the Kroger and got my Kroger card.  Now Kroger in the south is like Hy-vee is in the Mid-west.  There's one on every corner.  In fact, there is a Kroger .25 miles from our house.  I'd already been in there a few times and when I checked out they would always ask me for my Kroger card.  I would have to whisper to the checkout girl that I didn't have one and then see the look of shock on her face.  See, no self respecting southern woman of my age or older would walk around without having their Kroger card attached to their key ring or in their purse.  Even when I would visit KY and go to Kroger they would ask me for my mother's phone number so they could use her Kroger card for my purchases.  I even got one for Byron so he can run up to Krogers and not have to suffer the humiliation of not having a Kroger card.  So now that I've got that out of the way maybe I can tackle more important things like finalizing my renter's insurance and getting a new driver's license.  Actually, I can probably get that done at Krogers too.  

Note:  You might have noticed that I wrote "Krogers" in the story instead of the store's given name, "Kroger".  This is because I've never hear anyone called it "Kroger".  Since I could talk everyone has called it "Krogers" or "the Kroger".  Except for Byron who calls it K-Roger.  You can't really go by him because the whole time we lived in Iowa he called Hy-vee "the hive".  Sigh....

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