Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update on Gas Compnay and Funny Story

THE GAS MAN CAME!!!!  Then he left without finishing  :-(   Then he came back and finished!!!  Something about a gas emergency is why he left.  Maybe a kid fell down a well or something.  I don't care because we're going to have hot water in an hour or so.  Shower, shower, shower!!!  He also found the furnace which I could not find.  Guess where it was?  In a trap door in the ceiling of the upstairs master bedroom closet.  Didn't see that one coming did ya? 
On to the funny story.  Although we are in a quiet neighborhood, we live within a mile to some very busy places.  There's lots of traffic and lanes etc. I was driving yesterday and accidently pulled over into a lane and cut someone off.  Completely my fault.  So I said out loud, "I'm sorry!  I'm not used to it here."  What I meant was I was not used to the area.  Kendall thought I meant I wasn't used to traffic so she shouted out.  "Give my mom a break!  We're from Iowa and it's small there!  She's not used to so many people living in one place in KY.  Why can't some of you people go home?!  She's trying her best so back off!!".  Dang!!  Road rage anyone?

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