Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well Now She's Got Something to Say

I took Grace back to her first speech therapy appointment this morning after her summer hiatus.  The good new is that she scored the exact same on her speech test that she did in May which means no back sliding at all.  Yeah Grace!  Her teacher Mrs. Abby also said she is speaking clearer and louder than the end of May.  Well I can attest to that.  See when I take Grace to her appointment their is really nothing much for me to do.  So the kids and I usually sit over on the other end of the room and play quietly.  This affords me the chance to hear some of Grace's lesson.  Today she managed to tell her teacher that we have spiders in our house (true), that she has been bit by a mouse (not true), we have poisonous snakes all over our yard (not true), that her sister gets poopy diapers (true), and some various other things that I think I might have understood but her teacher did not. I'm not sure I'm so glad she's finally sharing with the world.

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