Saturday, August 14, 2010

Check Out My New Blog

I've got a new blog up and running.  I'm homeschooling my kiddos this year and decided to do a blog to help them share their work and myself share what's going on etc.  So if you are into the teaching thing, or the homeschool thing, or you are a grandparent of one of my children (you know who you are) then you might find it interesting.  Don't worry if you don't fall under that list.  You can do your part.  My favorite wine is a nice light Riesling.  Don't be stingy now!  I'm going to be with the kids ALL DAY!  Actually while you're at it, you can send over any headache medicine you have laying around too.  Don't worry, I won't mix the two.  Promise!

1 comment:

Toni Tralala said...

Good luck with the homeschooling and the new blog! :)

Cute kids! :D