Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grace's Bad Day

Poor Grace.  You know how sometimes you just have one of THOSE days.  Try having that and being 3 years old.  Grace woke up this morning not feeling so great.  I won't go into details but she spent twenty minutes in the bathroom with no real success.  After we finally got that sorted out we had her least favorite breakfast, eggs and bacon.  Then her favorite dress was in the laundry so she had to settle for her denim dress which I'm sure was hot since it was in the upper 90s today.  (side note, I told her to wear shorts and a tank top, but she insisted on a dress).  Then we were outside playing and a bug flew in her mouth.  She flipped out!  I'm surprised the National Guard didn't show up in our driveway with how she was going on.  You'd think it was a disaster.  After 30 minutes of convincing her the bug was gone (BTW, she is still telling me it's in her mouth even this afternoon) she went back to playing only to have a tree frog jump on her face!  I am not making this up.  After she calmed down we were able to head out to her doctor's appointment.  While waiting for her antibiotics at the pharmacy she spilled her chocolate milkshake on her dress.  I tried to make things better by putting her favorite movie on in the van but it kept skipping and wouldn't play.  She hasn't had any more mishaps today but we still have bath time and bedtime to go.  Poor Gracie!

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