Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th?

Making some confetti pop...very serious business.

Waiting for the fireworks to start.
Maddie catching up on the latest gossip while she waits.
What the rest of our weekend looked like.

I just love to celebrate 4th of July. Obviously the best part is a chance to remember our own freedoms and to honor those who allow us to keep those freedoms. I have friends who have lived in other countries for extended periods of time and according to them, we have it really good over here ladies. The second part is just being able to enjoy the outdoors with good food, friends, and entertainment. Everyone just seems friendlier on July 4th. It's just nice to get out in your yard and visit with your neighbors and enjoy the festivities together as a community. The ribs sizzle, the beverages flow, and the fireworks pop. We certainly enjoyed all that this year.....on July 3rd. July 4th and 5th (every one's day off) brought rain....rain...rain. Not buckets of rain but that steady drizzle/rain/drizzle/rain combo that lasts all day. So we were very thankful that most of our celebrating was done a day early. Happy 3rd of July everyone!

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