Monday, July 19, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Use Thy Cuteness to Swipe Toys (a kid version of the 8th Commandment)

Our town had their Summerfest celebration a couple of weeks ago. The theme was "A Day at Disney" which about put my girls into some heavenly Disney princess orbit. So they all dressed up and headed downtown (I forgot to take a picture, grrr..) to enjoy the festivities. Maddie was rockin' out the stroller and we were having a nice time shopping, playing, and visiting with friends. We were on our way back to the van when I looked down and Maddie had a new toy in her hands. There had been lots of sidewalk sales that day and I was afraid she had swiped it right off a store's shelf while we were walking around. Then I realize I had just handed her a drink a few minutes before and she hadn't had this toy nor had we walked past any stores since then. We HAD however walked past lots of families with kids in strollers and little toddlers walking around. The only thing I can think happen as that she stole it from another family! Oh the embarrassment! I promise I had no idea! So Winterset families, if this is your toy, we have it waiting for you.

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