Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Dipper

Sometimes on a hot and humid day like this I get to feeling a little nostalgic.  I'll announce to Byron that I'm having a Dipper craving.  He usually says, "Okay,  I'll go get ya one.  Be back in 23 hours."  Now if you grew up in Owensboro Ky you would know right away what a Dipper was.  The Big Dipper is the full name of a hamburger joint in town that makes the best hamburgers and tater tots will you ever have in your life.  Now some from Owensboro will read this and start an argument that Wonder Whip is better.  Wonder Whip has it's place in town, but if you grew up on my side of town then the Dipper was the place to be.  There is nothing special about them at all. No fancy sauces or secret ingredients.  No fancy buns, Kobe beef, or different toppings to choose.  I guess their only special technique is that maybe they don't clean off the grill too often.  I started eating Dipper hamburgers when I was knee high to a grasshopper on the front seat of my mom and dad's old orange car.  It was all vinyl seats that would burn your butt right off in the summer.  I remember my mom used to keep a 70s style flowered towel in there just so you could sit in the dang thing without your hindquarters sweating off and then sticking to the seat.  I guess that was almost 30 years ago (wow, I'm old) and I don't know that one thing has changed about the Dipper or it's food.  They still have a walk up window or a drive through with a squawk box that's loud enough to announce your order to half the county.  You have to drive over a cord that dings with your car and that's how they know someones ready to order.  I know that thing dings all day long because I've been there at 10:45 on a Friday morning and a line of cars already be out to the road.  I even took my two oldest kids there a couple years ago.  I took a picture of them right in front of the sign like we were visiting a national monument or something.  We sat on those busted up picnic tables in their parking lot and the kids and I ate burgers, tots, and peach shakes.  Only time I've ever seen Grace finish a whole sandwich.  I swear I'd call them up right now and have them next day air me a sandwich, but I think the grease would probably melt through the box and it would fall out before it made it here. 

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