Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She's done!

First day of school

Last day of school

Kendall finished her last day of Kindergarten yesterday. She likes school but she was excited to start the summer break. What kid isn't excited about that? I can't believe my little baby is a first grader. I didn't think too much about her finishing preschool but this one hit me hard. I only have 12 more years until she goes to college! It just doesn't seem like enough time. It is almost too much to think about. She's grown so much this year that she's hardly the same kid that got on the bus in August. To top it off, she asked the other night if she could take a shower instead of a bath. "Like big kids do" she told me. She did and when she came out of the bathroom she told me "Mom, that shower is awesome. It feels sooo good. I don't know why people even take baths after they learn to take showers." I guess she'll come full circle on that one.

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