Friday, May 8, 2009

One more minute

I'll share with you a little bedroom secret Byron and I have. (I'm sure my parents and in-laws just cringed.) Not about THAT you dirty minded blog readers. We have two alarm clocks. We both like to see what time it is in the middle of the night and we're both too lazy to lean over the other person to check. We usually get up at different times too so we also have to different alarms. However this week I have started getting up at 5:00am with Byron. Unknown to me until last night this was causing Byron to lose much needed sleep. Here's how the conversation went as we were getting ready for bed.

Byron "Can you set your alarm clock different? It goes off before mine."
Me "Don't you have yours set for 5?"
Byron "No, I have it set for 5:01. I'm losing my last minute of sleep"
Me "Why? Who sets the clock for 5:01? I'm not changing mine. You change yours to 5:00."
Byron "No way. Mine was set like that first. I'm already losing 5 minutes of sleep. I used to have it set for 5:06 but then I changed it."
Me "If I DO change mine, I'm changing it to 4:59 so that way you'll lose TWO minutes of sleep."
Byron "FINE, I'll change mine to 5:00."
Side note: We did discuss using just one alarm. We're not complete idiots. But I don't often hear his and he didn't want to use mine because I usually hit snooze, which is true.

So he changed his alarm and we're quiet for a few minutes. And then (and I'll receive a phone call for this I'm sure) Byron said "This is something your parents would argue about" to which I started laughing and said that I was just thinking the same thing. Consequently, his alarm went off about 20 seconds before mine this morning. So now who's losing sleep?!

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