Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Sweet Pile

Last night I was teaching Kendall how to play Uno. Playing cards with Kendall is always fun for two main reasons. First, her hands are too small to hold the cards so she just lays them out in front of her for the whole world to see. Secondly, it wouldn't matter if she could hold her cards because she has no poker face whatsoever. I was explaining to her the special cards like Draw 2, Skip, Reverse, etc. Every time she would draw a special card she would say "Swwweeeeeeettttt (Ashton Kutcher style), I'm putting this card in my sweet pile." Then she insisted on constantly playing her "sweet" cards even when she wasn't supposed to. She would play one and I would say "Kendall, you can't play that one; it's not the same color." to which she would say "Okay" and just reach into her pile and play the next sweet card until either she found one that matched or she ran out. This must be a good strategy because she won two games.

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