Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Talk

The other day Kendall and Grace were playing in their room and I heard Kendall telling Grace about how girls can have babies. Here's some of what I caught.

Kendall--"Grace we're lucky because we are girls and we get to have babies in our tummies. No one else gets to do that. We can have babies when we're all grown up"

Grace--"I like babies!"

Kendall--"That's right. Silly boys don't get to do it. But we do. We're the only ones and we are a house full of girls. There will be lots of babies."

Grace--"I like babies!"

Kendall--"Yes, I know. Babies start out the size of a green pea." (I did tell her that a few days before.)

Grace interjecting--"I like peas!"

Kendall--"Yeah, but you can't eat it. The baby grows in your tummy and your tummy gets bigger and your legs get shorter. (what?) Then you have the baby. And you have as many as God can spare. Isn't it awesome?!"

I would have stayed to listen to more but I was laughing so hard I was afraid I would be spotted. She has been asking quite a few questions about babies lately. We certainly don't have a shortage of pregnant women around here so it's kind of hard not to think about.

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