Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where to Begin?

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. We've had so much going on and I just haven't had the time. I am VERY backed up on blogging so hang on with me as I get through some postings over the next few days. First off, my parents paid us a visit a couple of weeks ago. They are very good about visiting and make it up here about every three or four months. My mom says they like to be able to see the babies that much because babies change so fast. Since all Byron and I have been doing the past few years is having babies; that makes their visits frequent which we love! Kendall knew they would be here when she got home from school. Grandpa and Grandma waited on the front porch for her and I think Kendall almost broke the speed barrier when she got off the bus. I saw her jump into my mom's arms and I think she almost took her down, which would have been really funny. Kendall then talked non stop for the rest of their visit. Poor Maddie and Grace couldn't get a word in edgewise. Luckily, Grace and Maddie got to go home with Grandpa and Grandma and spend the week. I know they had a good time because when we picked them up a few days later they were giggly and grinning. Scrubbed clean as whitstles with the tiniest hint of cookie crumbs around their mouths. "I have to spoil them a little!" my mom would say. I have to give it up for my mom and dad because they're great grandparents. They respect the rules Byron and I have in place, which I know from talking to other parents that this does not always happen. I'm sure there is nothing worse that picking up tired, dirty, bratty kids after spending the week at grandparents. Yuck! (Of course I had to write all this good stuff because my mom and dad are reading this. She won't even like this post because there is not a picture of the kids involved in the post. Ha!) Just kidding mom and dad!

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