Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Grab

You would think that after three kids I would get used to them perfecting the grab. I would be ready and learn not to wear dangle earrings or leave cords hanging down. I would be ready when they're four months old and not stop protecting the house until they are at least two. I don't learn though. I must loose my mind when I think I can put my glasses on and Maddie will let them stay on my face. I still insist the lamps sit on the end tables when I know full well Maddie will crawl to them and pull them down. Our whole family lives in constant alert. Where will she strike next? Byron's shoes? Grace's hair? Kendall's pigtail ribbons? The cat's tail? Byron says we're heading toward a wireless society. Someday they're won't be computer wires, camera wires, TV wires, etc. Everything will be wireless and gone will be the jumble of wires under the computer desk or behind the TV. This actually irritates me. Why? Well I'm sure the wireless gadgets will be here by the time Maddie has babies. Her kids won't put her through what she puts me through! I hope they all have colic and start walking at 7 months.

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