Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Look at all the pretty colors!

If you have been reading my previous post, you know that my parents took the two little girls to KY last week. This left just Kendall to take care which made me feel like I was on vacation! I didn't realize how much Kendall can do for herself. Kendall was out of school for Good Friday, so we decided the three of us would take a little trip to St. Louis for a couple of days and then meet my parents there to pick up the little ones. The weather was cold and rainy, but that didn't stop Kendall from discovering all the interesting things a big city has to offer. We went to the Science Center in the morning. We decided to ride the metro train because I knew it would be a new and fun experience for Kendall. Before you judge my 5 year old, understand her short little life. She has lived in Iowa all her life and much of it in a small rural area. AKA, whitey central. St. Louis is a LITTLE different from Winterset. While we were on the train, Kendall decided to express her interest and questions about her new surroundings. Here are some examples.

"People draw on their buildings here. It's so pretty and colorful. I think they're letters" Graffiti, and they were letters, but I don't want to put them on my blog in the order they were put on the buildings.

"Look at all the pretty colors of the people on this train." She was not talking about their clothes.

"Mom that man is so silly. I bet he makes everybody laugh" There was a man on the platform that was having a heated discussion with himself.

At the time, I gave Kendall the "we'll talk about it later" look. But it was so refreshing to see something through her eyes. When I thought about it, the graffiti did bring much needed color to the buildings. Everyone on the train certainly was pretty (and friendly too)! And there have certainly been many people in history that others thought were crazy. The Bible is full of them. As far as we know, that man could have been having a very important conversation with God himself. He certainly caught Kendall's attention, and not in a frightened way. Our trip was fun and educational. It was nice to slow down and be able to put our full attention on our oldest and each other.

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