Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get out those fingers, it's time to count blessings.

I just got an email from Byron saying it will be at least another week before we get our car. This means the girls and I will continue to be stuck at the house. It will give us plenty of time to polish and shine our shackles. Ha! This was very distressing to me because even though I'm a stay at home mom I like still like the option of leaving the house. Between this, no job yet in KY, and all the little annoyances of life that seem to sneak up at once; I believe it's time for a blessing count. Here we go.

1. We have a good car that can get Byron to work so he can keep his job.

2. We have great friends who offer rides or their cars when we need or want them.

3. Byron has a great job in a bad economy that provides us with enough money to live on plus a little to put back. (Even though we miss him because we don't see him much!)

4. We have a safe home and huge yard to enjoy even if we can't leave it when we choose.

5. Everyone is healthy. (minus the sniffles or a stomach bug here or there.)

6. In our job search, we've got more little projects done around the house preparing for possible sale, talked to more friends and family than we have in years, and got our money's worth out of our monthly Internet service becoming familiar with the tons of job search engines out there.

7. Chocolate, nuff said.

8. We delight in the fact that God is powerful and know how important it is to wait on His timing. Every time we turn down the easy path or a door to a path is shut, we know it is because He has better plans for us. We are happy to wait for the better stuff.

9. Family and friends that care enough to call or stop by and ask how things are going and give words of encouragement. My mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law have practically bent themselves in two offering support, prayer, and the occasional job opportunity when it shows up. Thanks Dad for the US Bank info!

10. I guess the last blessing I have is the blessing of distraction. If you have a touch of OCD like me, you know what a blessing distractions can be. I can become super focused on a project and have a tendency to rush it along. I like to be in control and I like my list of things to do. Get married, check. Get a degree, check. Start a career, check. Buy a house, check. Have kids, check. Thank goodness distractions come along to pull me away from my list. I don't want to finish up too early!

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