Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The More Things Change...The More They Stay the Same.

That's a song right? I know it's a phrase too but I think some smarty capitalized on it and made it into a song. Ten to one says its a country song. Anyway......I was flipping through some old pictures last night and began to notice a pattern. I have captured my kids going through some of the exact same phases. I can't believe how similar they really are when on an everyday basis they can seem worlds apart. I have all 3 pictures of the girls being "naughty" and they are all around the same age. I guess kids really aren't that different.

Madison dumping out all the books in the girls room. She can sure move fast when I'm out of the room for 30 seconds.

Grace dumping out a ton of toys. (wait, she still does that)

Kendall getting into my make-up.

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