Monday, February 23, 2009

Scream queens

The joys of having girls. I am trying to rid the basement of some unwanted items. I was donating some furniture to the church and I pulled out an old bean bag to donate as well. That was really dumb because as soon as the kids saw it they begged me to keep it. I agreed which was a huge mistake because that bean bag makes them crazy! They have started a new game where they count to 3, scream, and then jump on the bean bag. I'm not talking your garden variety scream. These are full blown, horror movie, jump out of your skin screams. Kendall and Grace scream and jump while Maddie watches and screams. I don't know how but girls are just born knowing how to send a scream right through a person. The bean bag also brings out some other odd behavior as you can see by these pictures.

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Connie said...

Alicia, wait till the sleepovers start. You want to hear some screaming. Ouch! my ears hurt just thinking about all of the girls I have had at my house over the years. 6 more on Friday for Ellies 10th birthday..