Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quiz time!

What do this plastic dog, blanket, and spoon have in common? No, they're not 3 things I pulled from between the couch cushions. Although that might be an interested blog topic to do. They are my three girls security items or lovies or whatever you choice word is for something your kid can't be without. The dog belonged to Kendall. She doesn't need it anymore but there was a time when that dog went everywhere with us. She never really played with "baby dog" but he was always at her side while she was playing, eating, or sleeping. I loved baby dog because he was small and easy to clean. He just got a bath the same time Kendall did. The blanket belongs to Grace. She drags that thing around the house and is never more than a few feet from it. It sits by her chair during mealtimes. It sits on the bathroom floor during bath time. She sleeps with it and it is almost impossible to get it washed due to the kung fu death grip she has on it. Unlike baby dog, Grace is not allowed to take her "nigh-nigh" out of the house. Can you even imagine the filth? The spoon is our newest security item and it belongs to Madison. I'm not sure how it got started, but Maddie now needs her pacifier and a spoon to sleep. She looks at it and sometimes she bangs it against the crib rails ala old prison movie style. She doesn't seem to need it outside the bed and I'm hoping to keep it that way. Can you imagine all the questions I'd have to answer about my kid that carries a spoon around?

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