Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break Conversations

Spring Break has been a wash weather and travel wise. The weather has been rainy and cold so we have not had much chance to play outside. The travel for the Halls is almost non existent because Byron hit a deer a couple of weeks ago and totaled his car. He is driving my van to work so the gals and I are currently car-less. All that extra time indoors has sparked some interesting conversations and/or saying between Kendall and myself. Examples are:

"Mom, every morning when I get up my eyes drool."

"Kendall, what kind of juice do you want?"
"I don't know, you disciple."
"I think you mean decide. Disciples are the men that were with Jesus."
"Oh, I guess it can mean two things then."

"Mom, guess what? We're going to play your favorite game. Twister!! Let's change the rules so it's harder for you." Umm..what? Harder! How about easier.

"Barack Obama is on TV again. He's the president. Did you know that? He talks a lot. I think he gives people money and builds stuff."

She helped me with some extra chores around the house and I paid her $5 for her time. "I think I'm going to save this money in my piggy bank, (long pause) or buy a sandwich."

I overheard this conversation and I'm not sure what it was relating to. "Maddie, I hate to tell you this but you're too little to know better. I guess you'll always be that way."

Talking to Grace after Grace had spent the night being sick. "Grace, you have ruined my day but that's okay. You can't help it. Sometimes you just got to throw up."

After forgetting to get something. "Mom, I guess I forgot. Forgetting things and remembering things and other stuff is all knocking and spinning around in my head. I can't get all those thingys out of there."


Jennifer Handsaker said...

Amen to the last one sister! I got those things all rattling around in my head as well!

Melissa Bullard said...

I have to agree with Jennifer! At five years old Kendall is already introduced to the wonderful world of being a woman.