Friday, February 6, 2009

What in the name of potatoes and green beans?

This will be a potpourri blog post. Meaning the kids have done a lot of little things that are probably worth blogging about but are not strong enough to have their own blog post.

Kendall--Let start with the oldest Hall. Kendall has started taking all the phrases I say and trying to make them into her own. Whenever something happens I will say "What in the name of....." Fill in the blank. It can range from "biscuits and gravy" to "diapers and doughnuts". Basically whatever pops out of my mouth I go with. (PG of course). Kendall has adapted this for herself. Yesterday I heard her say "What in the name of potatoes and green beans?" and then later "What in the name of babies all over the world?" She also spends a lot of time "helping" Maddie learn how to crawl. More of that in Maddie's section.

Grace--The middle Hall has started calling herself Ce-Ce. I think Gracie must sound like Ce-Ce to her. So of course this is her new nickname. She is talking like crazy and repeats everything, and I mean everything! More on that in a later post. She still loves phones and will do anything to get my cell phone. She has called Byron, my sister, and a couple of friends just this week. I would turn the cell phone off when she's using it but I can't figure out how to turn it off. Ha! She loves to carry it around saying "hullo, hullo?"

Madison--Ah, the baby of the bunch. Maddie is desperate to crawl but still has no idea what to do. She can make it from her bottom to her tummy but then gets completely stuck. Kendall has told her numerous time to "stick your knees up under you!" but I guess she's not listening. She still only has one tooth but that doesn't stop her from eating everything in sight. Her favorite activities this week are screaming at the cat and pulling Grace's hair. Now that it's warming up I think her new favorite activity will be sitting at the front door and watching the birds in the yard. Actually, that will be a family favorite. We're all like old people I guess.

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