Saturday, January 24, 2009

Onward Toddler Soilders

Grace has gone from a crib to a semi-big girl bed. Her crib breaks down into a transitional bed where it is half crib, half bed. She is enjoying it but I am not! God knew what he was doing when he sent Kendall first. She never once got out of her bed unless I told her to get up. It was so easy! Grace is a different story. That child is up and moving! She will come prancing into the family room an hour after bedtime and say "Hi Mama!" She gets up and pulls all her clothes out of her drawers. She puts all the clothes in the bed and sleeps with them. She gets up in the morning and sits in her doorway trying to talk to Kendall in her room.'s a process. I hope every milestone will not be this hard. Is it okay if I make her preschool teacher potty train her? Maybe I'll teach Maddie first and then Maddie and Kendall can teach Grace. There's no shame in wearing a diaper when you're four. The pics are Grace enjoying her bed. The one with one foot out is her asleep after a night of getting up three or four times. I guess she fell asleep in the middle of the last escape.

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