Friday, February 13, 2009

Avoid the Noid

Who remembers the Noid from Domino's pizza? Many years ago my Uncle Eric gave me a stuffed doll of the "Noid". I was doing some cleaning in the playroom and I found the Noid at the bottom of the stuffed animals. I think he's so cute so I put him on top. Fast forward to tonight. We're all in the playroom and Kendall says "What is that disgusting doll doing out here?" Huh? "That doll is so gross and disgusting. It is not for nice girls like us!" I say, "The Noid? Your Great Uncle Eric gave that to me when I was barely older than you. You are supposed to avoid the Noid, but not say he's disgusting. He's cute." Kendall's reply "Why would Uncle Eric give that to you? It is not for girls. It is a disgusting doll and I don't want to see it anymore. Please get it out of here." I laughed so hard at her pure annoyance with the whole situation. I brought the Noid upstairs and tried to get her to pose with it but she wasn't having it. So I got Maddie and Grace to pose instead.

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