Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red Roper, Red Roper

Kendall has been cracking me up with her new school vocabulary. First she tells me that I should make a pictograph of the boys and girls that live in our home. Everyone morning she asks me "What day is this?" At first I would say "Wednesday" or whatever day it was. "No mom, what number day is it?" The school is on a six day rotation and she already has memorized what number days equal what she will be doing at school that day. Now I have to mark the calendar with the "days" of the week. Other phases include "I'm a cold lunch kid" (She's taking her lunch to school). "I'm a checkered flag kid" (She followed all the rules at school that day.) "In PE, we played Red Roper" (Not to be confused with Mr. Roper from 3's Company.) This morning at breakfast she said "I hope I'm top dog today!" (Line leader) I went to pick her up from school for gymnastics on Monday and I met her in the wrong place. She was so put out with me and said, "Mom, all the other moms know to meet the kids by the big K!!" Sorry!

Grace has really taken to this big sister thing while Kendall is at school. She is a little mommy. She takes care of her "baby" while I take care of mine. She feeds him, puts him to bed when Maddie takes a nap and even changes his diaper with a little wipe and old diaper I gave her. She also carries her baby around and pats
him on the back going "shhh...shhh" So cute. Did I mention her baby is a Care Bear? They've even taken to sleeping together at night. I hope she's not rolling over on him. Ha Ha.

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