Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How did this happen?

My little Gracie who sleeps in a crib, woke up this morning with paint on her leg. It is paint from her walls for sure, although I can't find a paint smudge anywhere on the wall. How in the world did she get paint that has been on the walls for 2 years smeared on her leg? I have no idea. It must have been the night to irritate mom by doing weird things in your bed. Maddie got up at 5am and when I went to get her she was exactly horizontal in her bassinet. Her feet were straight up in the air because she couldn't lay them back down. Doesn't anyone every sleep around here? Kendall keeps asking when we're going to get the "munk" beds so Grace and she can sleep in the same room. Thinking about putting those two in the same room while I go to sleep makes me break out in a sweat. Not to mention that Grace would be in a bed and not a cage, I mean crib. She'd be completely free to get out of the bed which is what she has been dreaming about I'm sure. Maybe we'll wait a little longer before Grace gets out of her crib, like high school. Sorry Maddie, you'll going to have to sleep in the bassinet a little longer, feet up and all.

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