Friday, September 19, 2008

My dirty little secret.

I have an addiction problem. It's so bad I have to set a timer or I could spend the whole afternoon nap time feeding it. I'm addicted to craigslist!!!! If you don't know what craigslist is let me share. It is like being at the world's biggest garage sale without having to leave your home!! You can buy and sale stuff on-line which appeals to my inner bargain shopper AND to my inner get rid of stuff you don't use personalities all rolled into one. Ohh, I just can barely stand it. I think I could be on there all day if I let myself. I currently have about 7 postings up of things I'm selling and I've already bought toys and clothes for the girls for Christmas. It gets worse. I have another website addiction to a website called paper back swap. You can swap books with other members and all it costs is postage. They have everything!! I must have half a library in my basement and now I can swap out my old books for someone else's old books. Yeah, more stuff to bring in the house. Ha Ha. At least I'm doing it during nap time, but when I think of the time wasted when I could be doing something productive, yikes! Oh well. Here's a picture of Maddie laughing at my problems.

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