Friday, September 26, 2008

Mommy physics.

We learn in school that every action has an equal reaction. That's proven science. However, any mother will tell you about Mommy science. Just when you begin to have a thought in your head that you're getting things done and actually getting ahead of your list, bam!!! Mommy science steps in and throws a monkey wrench (and sippy cups, and peanut butter sandwiches, and pacifiers) at your head. Case in point. Last night I went to bed feeling good about what I had accomplished this week. I planned to spend today cooking spaghetti sauce and having lots of extra play time with the kids. Mistake one was thinking I would have lots of leisure time today. It started when Madison got up an hour earlier than usual. Not a big deal. Then I forgot to pack Kendall's lunch and was throwing ham sandwiches and fruit cups into her lunch box two minutes before the bus came. I still haven't realized mommy physics is at play. Then the mother load. Twenty minutes after Kendall left I saw the snacks she was supposed to take for her class sitting on the counter. Now if you know Kendall I'm sure you can predict my thought process. The second she realizes she has forgotten the snacks she is going to freak out. I am now on a mad dash to get up to the school before her teacher unknowingly sets off a bomb by saying, "Where are the snacks?" I threw some clothes on Grace and Maddie got jerked out of her morning sleep and had to go in her PJs. She's young, she can pull it off. I usher both kids into car seats, drag the double stroller into the back, and we're off. We're halfway down the road and I'm feeling pretty good. We're going to make it! Then I realized I forgot the snacks. Dang!! Back home to get the snacks. Now I know I'm not going to make it. To school, both kids in the stroller and I realize Grace has kicked her shoes off in the van. Back in the van to get the shoes. Up to the school where I am praying that when I get around the corner all the kids will still be standing outside. They're not there. I go to open the door. It's locked. Are you kidding me? Now I am in the black hole of mommy physics. I slow down now because I know Kendall knows by now she's forgotten the snacks. I walk back around the building and go through the front door. Sure enough, I found Kendall with a tear streaked face and her teacher trying to tell her it was no big deal, that she would just call me and I could bring them up. Kisses are given and tears are wiped away and I'm out of there before I make it worse. Fast forward to this afternoon. I'm finishing up dinner. Maddie is in the kitchen being fussy. Kendall is asking me to look at the picture she's coloring every five seconds. Grace is playing in the living room, or so I thought. One minute after I saw her I hear a heart-stopping crash and a scream. I found her in her room and she had fallen while climbing on her dresser! Hello, that kid will be lucky if she makes it to two. But here's the best part of Mommy physics. After our crazy day, we all snuggled up on the couch tonight and stayed up late watching a Disney movie. It was peaceful and cuddly and the perfect end to a mommy physics day.

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