Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank goodness I'm a country girl.

I know that when I tell people I live in the country, they are not picturing how it really is. They think I live outside of town and own at least half an acre. However, our street (which is many miles long) has a higher population of cows and horses than people. We've lived here over 3 years so you'd think I was used to my surroundings. Yesterday I was out walking with the babies and we passed the bull in our neighbor's field. I looked at him and he looked at me and we had no problem with each other; or so I thought. After turning around and passing the bull again things changed. I guess I accidentally gave him the evil eye because as I passed he started stomping his foot and shaking his head. Then he started snorting and trotting toward the fence. That was my cue to run off like a crazy person! Gravel sprayed everywhere as I took off. I'm wearing my crocs and I can feel gravel working its way into my shoes. I really thought that bull was going to get us! Ha Ha. I'm such a city girl. Consequently, the bull never even made it to the fence. I don't know what made him act that way but he obviously wasn't interested in us. He probably saw a squirrel or something. Maybe a lady cow caught his eye on the other side of the road. Who knows? Stupid psycho cows. It made me want to go home and grill up a fat juicy steak. :-)
I included a pic or my mailbox and the "guard cows" that watch over it for me. See, we really do live in the sticks. Lots and lots of sticks.

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