Monday, August 18, 2008

The tradition continues

Do you ever do something and then sit back and wonder what made you do it? Kendall is starting school on Wednesday and I was going through her school papers tonight. I came across the lunch menu. Without missing a beat I looked through it, marked out the lunches she wouldn't like, and put in on the refrigerator. Why? Because that's what my mother did for many many MANY years for my sister and I. It's funny how sometimes we do things without even thinking. Secondly, check out this picture of a frog attaching itself to my front door. We've had a huge frog population this year (due to the flooding maybe?) and they sit on the glass door at night and eat the bugs that fly around the porch light. The only problem is they poop on the door!!! So it you have a sure fire way to remove frog poop from a glass door, let me know.

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